The Architectural and Landscaping Design Manual

To ensure that the natural beauty of the Bluewater Estate is never compromised, a simple Architectural and Landscaping Design Manual has been drawn up.

Housing within the estate reflects historical and vernacular references to Victorian, Cape coastal, Cape farm and Caribbean styles, drawing on selected colours and materials to reflect this, while elements such as latticed verandas, pitched roofs, loft rooms and lightweight timber construction contribute further to a cohesive architectural harmony.

When you brief an architectural firm, make sure that they have a copy of the Design Manual so that the designs fit into the scheme. The Design Manual also sets out the procedure for submission of plans.
The Association is required to approve plans prior to them being submitted to the local authority and no construction may commence until the plans have been approved. Make sure that amendments to approved plans during building operations are also submitted for approval. This Design Manual also applies to subsequent additions or changes to the property.