Sympathetic Architecture

To ensure that the natural beauty of the Bluewater Estate is never compromised, a simple set of architectural and landscape guidelines have been drawn up.
Housing within the estate reflects historical and vernacular references to Victorian, Cape coastal, Cape farm and Caribbean styles, drawing on selected colours and materials to reflect this, while elements such as latticed verandas, pitched roofs, loft rooms and lightweight timber construction contribute further to a cohesive architectural harmony.

The emphasis is on scale and harmony, without losing individuality or variety. Simple rectangular forms, refined and robust details, controlled scale and proportions are recommended in order to achieve a unified domestic architecture.

The implementation and maintenance of Bluewater Estate design guidelines and controls will ensure a development within which the emphasis is on recapturing traditional form and its relationship within the community, as well as establishing a cohesive village atmosphere, harmonising street facades and house forms.

This will enhance investment value of the scheme as a whole and individual properties in particular, while also aiming to limit environmental impact on the inherent natural beauty of the site.



Design Manual

All buildings must comply with the Architectural guidelines as well as the relevant Municipal Building Regulations,
as laid out in the The Architectural & Landscaping DESIGN MANUAL